How do I go about licensing a patent?

Great question and congratulations with making it this far with your invention! You can certainly license your patent rights irrespective if the USPTO or CIPO have granted your patent application yet. However, as Konstantinos alluded to, it is more difficult to license before patent protection is provided to you as those interested in your product are unlikely to “take your word” the product will receive protection.

First, I would suggest compiling a list of mop manufacturers that would be interested in your product. Googling keywords is always a wise first step. You could also try your local library, which should have some resources helpful for your search. After spending ample time researching possible suitors, it’s time to write a business plan. The United States Small Business Association provides a free guide on how to “Write Your Business Plan.” As you can see, it is a pretty hefty project to undertake though!

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Good luck!