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What are good, creative examples of long Terms of Service and Privacy Policy displays on a mobile app?

By now most of mobile operating systems provide a way for you to post your agreements. Although a Privacy Policy is only required by law if you collect personal data, both Google Play App Store and Apple App Store require all apps on their marketplace to maintain a Privacy Policy. A Terms of Use isn’t required by law, but it’s really silly not to have one as it can provide your startup with an arsenal of claims and defenses down the road.

You can always find free templates online. The Better Business Bureau provides a sample Privacy Policy. Be careful using these templates though because they often are missing important clauses that could pertain to your company.

You should really hire an attorney to draft your actual agreements as they should be tailored to your business. Utilizing a online, boilerplate provider may seem financially appealing now, but you’re setting your company up for future risk. A startup attorney will draft your agreements to ensure there are no “loopholes” in your agreement, while advising you on any other legal issues s/he may notice in the process.

This is something we assist startups with at LawTrades. We help bootstrapped startups with their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, making them fit for them both legally and financially. So, check us out for a free price quote with no obligation to hire!


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