Are there any good solo/small law firm startup lawyers with availability in San Francisco?

There are a number of great small law firms specializing in helping startups succeed in the San Francisco Area. Fortunately, with such a large number of tech start ups booming over the past few years, San Francisco offers clients a plethora of choices for experienced attorneys in the field. This creates a competitive market that ultimately benefits the client by keeping legal costs low, which is of the utmost importance for startups that are working with limited capital (typically in their early stages).

The unfortunate problem clients face is finding a comprehensive way to access all the attorneys in a specific field of law, and have a meaningful way of comparing their prices and services.

We developed a tool that may help you avoid this headache; LawTrades.

You can contact each attorney 24/7 on our web platform, and avoid the hassle of having to meet with each attorney you are interested in just to get an understanding of who they are. Ultimately, our goal is to promote transparency in the process of finding a lawyer, and gives clients the opportunity to secure the best legal services at the lowest cost available.

Aside from our company, you can also contact your local bar association. There, you can inquire about what lawyers are in your area that can best serve your needs. Unfortunately, the bar association typically functions as a referral system for clients, so you will need to individually contact each lawyer to find out who they are and what they can do for you.

Whatever avenue you choose, there are a number of considerations you should have when looking for your lawyer. Particularly in the startup context, there are certain qualities you will want your lawyer to have. Here are a few to consider:

1. Experience: It is extremely important to find a lawyer that has dealt with startups in the past, and is familiar and well-versed in the development and growth of a company similar to the one you are involved in. This means you should find a lawyer that has had success getting startups off the ground and helping them develop/grow, so you have confidence that the lawyer you hire can do the same for your company.

2. Business Savvy: You also want a lawyer that can help your company secure investors, draft and review contracts, and give you helpful business management advice. A lawyer that is business minded will not only give you great legal advice for your startup, but will also provide a helpful tool for your company moving forward.

3. Price: Because there is a large concentration of lawyers in your area that specialize in helping startups, you should not settle on the first lawyer you speak with. You want to get a good idea of what the ultimate legal costs will be, and whether it is reasonable compared to the going rates.

4. Professional Compatibility: Despite being overlooked by many, this quality is entirely important in the startup area. Your company will most likely work closely with your lawyer on a regular basis, and you want to make sure you actually like and enjoy dealing with this person. Having a strong, unified team is the key to success, and that means you must all get a long. Also, your lawyer may attend investor introductions, or deal directly with potential capital contributors, so you need a lawyer who is personable and respected and will represent your company in a positive way.

I hope this answer is helpful. I know first-hand how big of a decision it is to secure a lawyer for your startup. Best of luck finding a lawyer, and much success with your startup! If there is anything I can do personally to help, please do not hesitate to reach out!`