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What are some great online tools for Startups?

I’ve just spent some time researching answers to your question. I took note of some of the cool apps and tools for startups I saw that I didn’t know about either. My brain, however, instantly jumps the business and legal needs of a startup – and that’s where I see a couple of omissions.

It takes some time before many startups grow to the point of having their own payroll department or legal team. There are a number of areas, that the average person would never consider, that are highly regulated and absolute compliance is required by law. This is where it is vital to know how to handle these items both legally and cheaply. There are tools for startups in all of these areas.

Luckily, there are a number companies (most began and still are startups) that cater to businesses just like yours. Payroll companies exist specifically for businesses with less than 10 employees. These companies will ensure that both the company’s and the employee’s payroll taxes are properly deducted and paid.

Truthfully, I’m also here to pitch my company LawTrades because we are a vital tool for startups. We are here for the legal needs of startups. We match a person, a business, an inventor up with the perfect attorney for them. These are passionate, talented, and knowledgeable attorneys in every area of law imaginable. We help to ensure that founders and startup employees get to focus on what they’re good at, and not Google-ing “how to get a US patent”.

I hope this helps!