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Is H1-B/ GC really worth the effort? Is life after GC any better than without it ?

If you are asking if there are advantages to gaining a H1-B visa or a green card, there certainly are. However, you have to consider whether or not those advantages are worth the sacrifices that you make elsewhere. For example, only you can determine if living and working in the US is worth the sacrifice of not seeing your family as much or if the strain of your wife having difficulty with employment through immigration issues. While there are certainly disadvantages, that is seems that you are aware of, there are numerous advantages as well.

  • You can live and work in the US, experiencing all that the culture has to offer
  • You will have opportunities that may not be available in your home country

Depending on the avenue you choose to take, you could potentially save yourself the distress of some of your concerns. You may want to weigh which scenarios is best either the H1-B, green card, or perhaps even citizenship.

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