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I have H1B visa. How long it will take to get my green card if I apply now?

The truth is, it all comes down to processing time which can vary considerably. The main thing you can do to “speed up” the process is to make sure that you’ve done everything properly on your end.

Common reasons for a green card denial:

  • Failure to meet deadlines
  • Improperly filling out necessary paperwork
  • Failure to attend interview
  • Failure to provide additional documentation
  • Violated immigration laws
  • Health risks (not a likely issue if you already have a visa)
  • Economic restrictions (limited green cards for individuals who require government assistance)

The reality is, the process can take several years to complete, but you definitely don’t want to let yourself become a roadblock. To avoid this, you should seek the assistance of an experienced immigration attorney.

LawTrades can help. We can put you in touch with a quality lawyer that will help you correctly complete the process toward achieving a green card. While it still won’t be an overnight solution, it will streamline the process and ensure that you are eligible and completing the necessary steps. Contact us today to learn more about our services.