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How hard is it to get a green card in Silicon Valley for a programmer from EU?

 I would like to expand on the process of the H1-B Visa and how that will impact your ability to gain a green card later, if you so choose.

Steps to obtaining an H1-B Visa:

  • Determine eligibility-In order to be eligible for an H1-B visa, you must meet the following:
    • Obtain a position that is considered a “specialty occupation”
    • The position must require specialized knowledge
    • The position must require at least a Bachelor’s degree
  • An employer must hire you-you must be offered the job and the employer must be willing to file for the visa on your behalf. You may not do so yourself.

Steps to obtaining a Green Card via work visa:

  • You must have permanent employment
  • Your employer must present a labor certificate (in most cases) and file a Form I-40

As others have indicated, you have chosen a prime location for specialty employment so that certainly works in your favor. To ensure that you meet requirements and are on the best path toward your ultimate goal of a Green Card, you should reach out to an immigration attorney.

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