How hard is it to obtain 501(c)3 status?

It’s not really clear if your venture would be suitable for a 501 (c) 3 status based on the information you’ve provided here. I understand you want tax-exempt status, but the operation itself must meet minimum qualifications.

Here are the basic requirements of the 501(c) 3:

  • The organization’s earnings cannot be for private benefit
  • The activity of the organization must not attempt to influence legislation
  • The terms of the organization must meet “exempt purposes” which may include:
    • charitable
    • religious
    • educational
    • scientific
    • literary
    • testing for public safety
    • fostering national or international amateur sports competition
    • preventing cruelty to children or animals

As others have mentioned, this classification is not intended for “businesses” but instead non-profit organizations. It would be in your best interest to speak to a non-profit attorney about your best course of action and to ensure that your organization falls under this category.

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