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How do I hire attorneys for incorporating a new business?

Finding the right lawyer who can provide the highest quality legal services can be a difficult and tedious task. There are limited avenues for clients to locate attorneys, and many times they are left in the dark about what it will ultimately cost.

The most common form of finding a lawyer usually is by word of mouth. But this is extremely unreliable, and most clients will not know someone who is aware of a good lawyer in the field they need. This creates an environment where people end up settling for the first lawyer they meet with. Even worse, many clients will rely on a simple Google search, which only ends up directing them to a home page of some random firm. These websites do not give a client a real understanding of who the lawyer is, because it is exclusively promoted by the lawyer/firm himself.

The best lawyers provide connections to support the growth and inspire the true spirit of entrepreneurship by providing warm introductions that can change your business for the better. Also, your own opinion matters a lot. While expertise and years of experience are important, if you don’t feel comfortable with person, or can’t envision yourself having confidential conversations with them, then you should probably pass on them.

I encourage you to visit LawTrades. Our legal marketplace has sourced some of the best startup lawyers across the country who offer flat-fee arrangements for stuff like incorporation, raising money, contract review, patent applications and more. Our lawyers are selected from the country’s most competitive law schools and they have some really amazing experience working with companies like IBM, Yahoo, and MGM Studios. Our site offers free initial consultations and quick and easy price quotes. If there is anything I can do for you personally, please do not hesitate to reach out!