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Should I hire a lawyer to help me complete my naturalization application? Do applicants generally hire lawyers to help with the application process? What are good online resources if I run into any questions during the process?

Yes it’s highly advisable to hire an immigration lawyer for your naturalization application. The attorney will hasten the process and legally represent you, especially if you have any type of bad record during your time here. To apply for naturalization, the attorney will file form N-400. It is expensive to hire a lawyer but it will be worth it since sometimes it can turn out to be complex to complete. If you fill the form incorrectly or in a way that will create suspicion, your application will automatically be rejected.

Professional help will definitely increase the chances of getting your desired outcome. In addition, a lawyer knows the type of information that should be included. Hiring a lawyer will make it easy to handle some issues like; prior convictions of felonies, prior arrests, if you are not proficient in English or if you lack the necessary documentation. If your green card was obtained when you were married then you separated due to problems with your marriage, you really need an attorney. In fact, some convictions may not look so serious but have serious consequences in your immigration.

If you have tax issues like late filings, overdue payments or missed filings, it could be a challenge when completing the neutralization application. These red flag issues can make USCIS deny your application. It’s advisable to let the matter be handled by someone with the right experience for best results. Further, ensure the lawyer has specialized in immigration law and is conversant with the law of the country you want to migrate to.

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