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How Can Americans Afford a Lawyer?

Nowadays, the likelihood that any individual would be paying legal fees of $1,000 or more per hour is highly unlikely; such rates usually involve the legal services of highly specialized attorneys from large corporate law firms dealing with high-stakes legal matters. That being said, obtaining legal representation can be costly. Traditional law practices operate with a great deal of overhead, including expenses related to maintaining office space, paying legal assistants and paralegals, paying lawyers’ salaries, and technology In addition to paying these overhead costs, law firms must also turn a profit to stay viable.

All of these expenses, as well as the drive toward turning a profit are passed onto clients in the form of the “billable hour” which is the hourly rate charged to the client for legal services. Depending on the type of legal matter at issue and the geographical legal market, a lawyer’s services are most likely to be a few hundred dollars an hour.

Luckily, LawTrades is disrupting the traditional framework for obtaining and providing legal services. First of all, since we exclusively exist online, overhead costs are essentially eliminated. Thus, when you engage a lawyer through LawTrades, you are paying for the work itself and not other expenses.

Also, rather than an hourly rate, you will pay a flat rate for whatever legal service you need, so you never have to worry that picking up the phone to ask a question is going to cost you more out-of-pocket. All of our attorneys are pre-vetted, highly-trained and have solid legal experience, especially with tech startups and small businesses.

In addition, for each engagement, LawTrades provides a Project Manager who will be available to troubleshoot any problems that may arise from the start of your project through to its completion. 

Simply put – we’re happy to make it more accessible for Americans to pay for a lawyer!