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How do I incorporate in Minnesota?

I would follow the advice that any folks have already described here. It’s pretty simple, fill out the application and pay the filing fee. 

However, one thing that Minnesota is incredibly picky about is the naming of your business. Here are the basic guidelines:

  1. You have to be sure that no other company has the same name. You can do a quick search on the Secretary of State website to make sure.
  2. You can’t select a name of a business that is in use or reserved by someone else. However, a reserved name can be used if you get written consent from the reservee.
  3. You can reserve a business name for up to 12 months. Then you have to either use it or refile or reservation.
  4. You have to be careful about the words that you use. Your business name must contain the words “corporation,” “incorporated,” “company” or “limited,” or an abbreviation associated with those terms. Also, the words “company” or “co.” cannot be immediately preceded by the word “and” or the symbol “&.”

Just something to keep in mind as you move forward.

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