How Do I Start Working as Freelancer?

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Entrepreneurship is growing in popularity among the newest generations entering the workforce. In fact, this decade of small business has been characterized by freelancers and what has become known as the “gig economy”. That is, professional service providers are avoiding the traditional track of seeking employment in a single business. Rather, they sell their services to any business in need of their skills or ability.

This article discusses the unique form of entrepreneurship and provides guidance on how to get started as a freelancer.


What is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is an individual who provides labor or professional services to another business for compensation. As such, a freelancer is a form of sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship arises when an individual carries on commercial activity with the intention of producing a profit or loss.

The common understanding is that a freelancer focuses on providing services to businesses or prospective businesses. Instead of hiring an employee or an established business firm to carry out a task or objective, the hiring business hires an individual. The individual is not an employee. Rather, she is a service provider who holds herself out as having the requisite level of skill and knowledge to accomplish the take or objective.


How Can I Become a Freelancer?

Becoming a freelancer, like any other form of entrepreneurship, requires preparation and planning. Below we identify some the two primary steps to becoming a professional freelancer.

  • Skills & Knowledge – As discussed, a freelancer is a professional service provider. As such, the first step in becoming a freelancer is to develop a skill set or knowledge base that is marketable to businesses. Most individuals who entertain the idea of becoming a freelancer already have a developed skill set that they believe they could sell. In this case, you must still make certain that your skill set is needed or desired by a target business demographic. Just like any other type of business, you must offer a value proposition to your client. There are all sorts of academic institutions and instructional companies that market their ability to provide individuals with useful skill sets.
  • Marketing – A freelancer must make the world aware of her skill set. The business work for this activity is marketing. There is no single, best manner of marketing your skills as a freelancer. How you make your intended clients aware that you offer a particular skill set for sale will depend upon the nature of your value offering and the type of clients you target. For example, if you offer bookkeeping services to small businesses, you may use local advertising or join local business organizations (such as the chamber of commerce). If you provide blockchain coding and development for companies undertaking initial coin offerings, you may consider making contact with individuals in affinity groups or advertising directly to companies through email. One important thing to consider is that freelancer marketing should generally be more personal in nature. The client is not hiring a business based upon its reputation. It is hiring an individual who appears sufficiently competent to perform the skills at hand. Networking is the best way to make connections with potential clients. Personally providing examples or proof of work to the potential client is often the best way to demonstrate your competence.


LawTrades Knows Freelancers

Freelancing as a professional career is here to stay. Protections say that this business is only set to grow in the future. As such, it’s important to understand what it takes to get started. The legal professionals at LawTrades can provide you with all of the guidance and services necessary to hire professional freelancers who’ll get your business off the ground.