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How does a non-profit organization raise funds?

Nonprofits are a unique business formation because funding is directly influenced by whether or not people believe in what you’re doing without much of a pay off for themselves.

Some ways to get people excited and ready to give to your cause:

  • Tell your story. Make an impact on people by being totally raw in why this nonprofit needs to exist and thrive. Educate people—inspire them to be part of the bigger thing you are trying to accomplish. If you tell your story—people will listen.
  • Don’t forget to thank people. No matter how big or small a donation is, make sure you are courteous to whoever gives to your nonprofit. A simple thank you will keep people invested and increase the chances of a repeat donor in the future.
  • Take the time to build connections. Nonprofits are most successful when they really try to connect to people. A good way to do this is to maintain regular communication and let them know how their funds are helping the nonprofit thrive.

Legal Help

Of course, if you’re starting a nonprofit, you should consult a nonprofit attorney to help you through the phases of development. LawTrades is happy to connect you with a seasoned lawyer that can assist you with the legality behind a thriving nonprofit.

Hope this helps!