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What are the importance of trademark clearance searches?

A trademark clearance search is incredibly important, so much so that it is an essential step in the process of filing for a trademark. It’s important to consider these two benefits of the trademark registration procedure when answering this:

  1. If you’ve done a comprehensive trademark search, you can find out if you’re actually infringing on another company’s mark and avoid significant legal risks. You don’t want to get to the point where you’re printing up business stationery only to find that someone else’s trademark is a little too close to yours, prompting you to start the name game all over again. With a trademark clearance search, you can be sure that you’re in the clear from the start.
  2. Although you can claim ownership of your trademark without formally registering with the USPTO, your rights are limited to the geographic regions where your trademark is used, so formally filing it will afford you maximum nationwide legal protection. This will ensure your trademark shows up in other people’s trademark clearance searches as well. Moreover, you must register your trademark before having the chance to sue for trademark infringement in federal court.

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