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How important it is to hire a lawyer for TOS in the beginning of a startup?

Should it be drafted by a lawyer? Should you copy from a competitor? The choice is ultimately yours, but remember that this is not an invincible shield against being sued but it allows you to be somewhat prepared in the event that you are. Intellectual property rights and such are so complex it can make you seasick and no one is better versed to navigate such treacherous waters than an experienced lawyer.

In regards to being “worth the money”, as of right now I would say yes. Although there is no set price, think about it this way; would it be worth to pay X amount now in order to avoid a lawsuit where you could possibly pay X amount times an exponential number? Attorneys are much more flexible with their pricing (i.e., flat fees) and accessible than ever before. With LawTrades, you can receive a TOS for under $400 from a pre-vetted pool of on-demand startup lawyers. So affordable options are definitely out there for startups. Here’s a good read to prepare yourself before you talk to one: How to Protect Your Website from Liability.

Lastly, you should avoid copying a ToS since each business is different and their ToS is most likely tailored to their specific needs. A proper Terms of Service is something you should take into consideration even in the early startup stages. Now that lawyers are more accessible, it might be worth engaging with one to figure out the nuts and bolts of your Terms of Service and avoid some potential legal pitfalls early on. A savvy startup lawyer will put you in the best possible position to defend yourself if needed. If you’re interested in getting a cost effective one done pretty quickly, don’t hesitate to check out LawTrades for more information.