When should I incorporate my startup?Can I incorporate while employed? If not, is it kosher to promise the engineer equity and salary which can only be delivered once revenue is sufficient for me to leave my employer and legally incorporate?

Incorporating your startup at the early stages can be thought of as the nuts and bolts that keep your business machinery running.

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Anyways, back to the question…

After deciding to begin a startup business, the first thought should be hiring a qualified startup business lawyer. Valid legal matters will arise throughout the lifecycle of your business and you will need legal expertise for navigating through these murky waters, from its inception (e.g. raising capital, hiring employees) into the final stages (e.g. eventual exit in the form of an acquisition). See more:

Why should you hire legal expertise for your startup?

  • Startup lawyers strategize with your company to create long term value that is focused around growth and risk management. A lawyer will help you organize your startup in a manner that is realistic and is tailored to your market. They will help with essentials like finding the best location and finding the right connections in the industry.
  • They help mold the business depending on how you envision the future of the company. This could mean positioning it to be acquired by a competitor, affiliating with entrepreneurs from different fields, or even filing for an IPO. Therefore, they help keep your books in order, have your assets tied down, and ensure that you have the type of agreements that investors are looking for.

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