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Should I, with Indian citizenship and a Bachelor’s degree from Canada in a STEM field, immigrate to Canada or the USA, given the choice to work in either place?

So much of this answer depends on your personal goals. You do have to consider the distinction in culture, your skill-set, your preferences as far as where you’d like to live, and how you feel you could best gain personal success.

I would encourage you to first decide which location seems most appealing to you as far as what the culture has to offer—only you can determine this. The fact that you have a bachelor’s degree will certainly be a benefit to you if you decide to immigrate to the US. You have skills that are appealing which will also make you a more favorable candidate.

You have received many answers here that indicate that the process to the US can be lengthy, complicated, and tiresome. This is not completely untrue, but so much of this should be considered in context. With the appropriate understanding and tools. you can simplify this process. Often times, it comes down to which location offers the best services to make the process less overwhelming.

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