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Internet Law: Why do websites need terms of service (TOS)? Why are they useful?

Simply put, websites need terms of service (TOS) to cover their potential liability down the road. If crafted correctly, TOS should set out just that, the terms by which the service operates. A brick and mortar business has liability insurance in case something happens to one if its customers in its building; think of a website’s terms of service in that way. There are certain risks that an online shopper, or any internet user, takes when they visit a website. Websites will inevitably assume some of the potential risk, but they want to limit their risk of liability as much as they can. TOS give the websites a chance to limits their risk of liability.

So, why are they useful? Well, they’re useful for the same reason that a website needs them, because they give the website a chance to set out its terms of use and limit its liability. But, the TOS are really only useful to the website if they are crafted correctly. Obviously, the terms need to be tailored in a way that fits the specific website and how it wants to operate.

If you are trying to craft TOS for your website, a quick search of the web could provide you with some boilerplate, or template-type, TOS The problem with that, though, is that they won’t really be tailored to your specific website. It is really important to cover everything that needs to be covered, you don’t want to leave any holes in your liability protection.

For that reason, it would be best to consult an attorney to help you craft your TOS and tailor them to your specific website. I know, you might rather spend your money elsewhere in the early stages of your website, but your website needs to be protected and you can generally find an attorney to help for a low, flat-fee. If you’re looking to get that done visit us at LawTrades. Check it out, there is no obligation to retain an attorney after a free consultation.