Is an EB5 Visa a Faster Way to Obtain a Green Card?

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There is no “quick and easy” way to obtain a green card. But one of the fastest practical routes to obtaining a green card is to apply and be approved for an EB-5 investment visa. If all requirements for this visa are met and sustained for a mandated period of time, the transition from EB-5 visa status to green card status is fairly straightforward and comparatively fast.

In addition, this green card route is one of the most stable available. There are far fewer x-factors involved in this process overall than there are in other paths to obtaining a green card. If you have the ability to successfully meet EB-5 visa requirements and sustain them over time, this is an excellent option for aspiring permanent legal U.S. residents.


EB-5 Visa Requirements and Green Card Transition

The EB-5 visa is commonly referred to as a foreign investment visa. In order to qualify, an applicant must be willing to either invest $1 million in an eligible U.S. commercial enterprise or $500,000 in an enterprise located in an eligible rural location or area plagued by specific rates of high unemployment. This investment may be made in cash, inventory, equipment or other permissible forms. The new business venture that an investor supports must create a minimum of 10 new jobs for Americans and these jobs must be steadily maintained over a period of years.

Once an EB-5 visa is approved, an investor is granted permanent legal resident status on a conditional basis. Once all the requirements for the visa (including the creation of new jobs and their ongoing status as active positions) are met, a green card will generally be issued. Once an EB-5 visa is approved, the entire process resulting in green card status takes approximately two years. A cap of 10,000 green cards issued to EB-5 visa holders is enforced on an annual basis, but this cap rarely delays green card issuance for long.

This speedy and straightforward process stands in relatively stark contrast to other paths culminating in green card status. It also allows for the spouse of an EB-5 visa holder and his or her and unmarried children under the age of 21 to obtain residency as well.


Immigration Legal Help is Available

The EB-5 visa process is therefore uniquely valuable and accessible as an option for those individuals capable of meeting its requirements. The United States is arguably the most business-friendly nation on the planet. If you are interested in taking advantage of the investment, business and immigration opportunities that America has to offer, look to the team at LawTrades for guidance.