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Is Temp to Hire the Right Answer?

lawtrades temp to perm hiring

Most recruiters and HR teams know that temp agencies are a great place to find overflow manufacturing workers, administrative assistants, warehouse staff, and more. Even professions such as accountants, software developers, and attorneys can be hired on a temporary basis through staffing agencies.


The Advantage of Temp to Hire

A temp-to-hire arrangement affords everyone involved a number of advantages:

  • Both employer and potential employee are able to use the “trial period” to see if it’s a good fit before committing the time, energy, and money on filling a full-time position.
  • Many staffing agencies offer benefits, such as medical coverage, to the employee during the trial period.
  • In a temp-to-hire arrangement, it’s much easier to terminate someone who ends up not being a good fit. One call to the staffing agency and it’s done.
  • Most of the job of identifying and screening potential employees falls to the staffing agency, not your own HR or talent acquisition department.


Tips for a Better Temp-to-Hire Experience

The temp-to-hire trial period will be more valuable for everyone involved if the following are observed:

For employers:

  • Don’t treat temporary employees as “just temps.” Make them feel like full-blown and valued members of the team.
  • Give them meaningful assignments that can be completed within the trial period without a lot of up-front training. Don’t give them busywork—that’s not effective use of their talents and will make them want to look elsewhere. Remember, you’re evaluating them for real full-time positions, so give them real work to do.

For candidates:

  • You got this far because the staffing agency and employer saw something in you that they need. Approach the position like you would a full-time job.
  • If you are given work that doesn’t take advantage of your talents, let your supervisor know sooner rather than later, so adjustments can be made.
  • Don’t take it as a failure on your part if things don’t work out—be thankful that you have the opportunity to bow out gracefully and move on to the next staffing assignment.


Temp-to-Hire…for Attorneys?

As mentioned previously, temp-to-hire arrangements are increasingly common not only for lower-skill positions, but for temporary professionals as well.

But lawyers? Yes, absolutely.

Hiring someone for a position on an in-house legal team is really no different than hiring for any other professional position. A temp-to-hire arrangement can be beneficial for both employer and employee, and attorneys and paralegals are increasingly recognizing this. Our own legal staffing agency, Lawtrades Apex, is at the forefront of this trend. Unlike traditional staffing agencies, we have the specialized knowledge of the legal professions to be able to provide top-notch legal talent on a temp-to-hire basis. If you’re looking to fill a position on an in-house legal team but prefer the “try before you buy” approach, schedule a free demo with us today.


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