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What kind of people do startups need?

You’ve heard the saying, It takes all kinds of kinds.

Startups thrive when you have great minds working together to do great things.

Teamwork, dedication, and hustle are a given, but here are a few other character traits you need to look for:

  • The Brain—This is the thinker. The one who has so many great concepts fumbling around in their day-to-day thoughts that maybe they can’t even keep up. This person will make innovation their priority that keeps your startup a step above the rest.
  • The Fuel—This is the person who gets shit done. They are the ones that are more than happy to talk about your ideas, but they will never let them just stay ideas. They blow wind on the fire that transforms ideas into tangible products or designs.
  • The Planner—Organization is key, especially in the early days of startups when things are moving fast. You need someone who can keep it together so that it doesn’t all fall apart.
  • The Visionary—This is the person who can see the big picture. When things start to move in the right direction, folks will start coming out of the woodwork to get a piece of the pie. Sometimes it’s a good deal, and sometimes you have to say no. (Like I did, when I walked away from a $500,000 investment offer.)

Does this sound like your team?

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