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Which law firm that specializes in software/patents would you recommend for a startup?

Listen, finding any lawyer within a particular field can be challenging because you are bombarded with so many different prices and so much information. So you are not in uncommon territory, and there many people who have similar struggles. The reason for this is due to the absence of avenues for clients to find lawyers and compare their prices and services.

To remedy this issue, we started LawTrades. Our site connects users with pre-screened, highly qualified patent attorneys. Our rates are a fraction of what you will pay at a patent law firm.

Aside from this, you can also reach out to your local Bar Association. Usually they will have a referral system that can at least provide the name and contact information of patent lawyers in your area. Unfortunately, they can only provide limited information, so outside research will probably be necessary, particularly if cost is a concern.

As a startup, you are always worried about overhead, and are constantly trying to find ways to maximize capital. I have founded two startups myself, so I understand how important it is to make sure your money is being well spent. Finding a lawyer at the lowest price, who can provide the best services, is truly the key to getting your startup off the ground and headed in the right direction.

Realistically, you are looking for a patent lawyer. To secure a patent for your product should not be a service that should vary too much in price. If you find lawyers charging exorbitant fees, this should raise some questions. This process should only take X amount of hours no matter who is rendering the service, so hourly rates might also be something to be mindful of.

That being said, you should also consider trying to secure an attorney for your company in general as well. It may be in your best interests to find an attorney who not only can do your patent work, but can also help form your business and provide sound business advice/guidance. Having an attorney on board from day one promotes continuity in your business, and allows you to have an intimate and secure lawyer-client relationship moving forward.

I hope this answer is helpful! I am always happy to help fellow startups grow and succeed, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. Best of luck!


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