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Which are some of the law firms for startups?

Well, to answer your question specifically, it would help to know:

1. What state are you in?

2. Where will your startup operate as a domestic company?

3. Are there any other states where your startup will do business?

When it comes to business law, those are important questions. You’d want a lawyer who knows about startups in your state. You’d want the lawyer to know the requirements for your startup to register and operate as a domestic corporation in whatever state you create your business entity within. You’d want the startup lawyer to understand interstate laws related to your business as well as any laws in any other state in which your company operates.

Even past that, you could continue to narrow it down.

1. Are you looking for an attorney for general business purposes? It never hurts to keep a lawyer on stand-by just in case you need legal advice for your startup. Paying a retainer ahead of time can make it much easier for you to get legal help when you need it.

2. Are you looking for a startup attorney for a specific purpose such as an operating agreement, NDA, independent contractor agreement, or another specific reason? Having an attorney draft your operating agreement, NDA, other contracts, completing your business forms, and consulting on tax-related issues is worth every penny that you spend. You know your documents are tailored for your startup and there’s no guess work involved.

Now, you must think about budget. Nowadays, plenty of lawyers and legal services (see below) offer flat-fee pricing, which makes budgeting for legal expenses much easier. Of course there are still those traditional law firms who will charge you an arm and a leg just to meet with them. My advice on those types of law firms – stay away. Startups don’t have unlimited funding so it’s smart to be economical so paying a large hourly fee like $350 is just stilly.

If you’re looking for legal help for your startup and you’d like to explore flat-fee solutions, check out LawTrades. We are a marketplace of attorneys and we’ve helped thousands of startups for things like forming their Delaware C-Corp, raising a seed round, drafting an employment handbook, registering for a trademark and patent, as well as immigration and tax support. Hope this helped!