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Should I have a lawyer review my offer contract and on-boarding documents for a new job?

It depends on the agreements presented to you and the type of position you’re being offered. If you are close to signing an employment contract that provides “rights” to your position, namely that you need cause to be fired, then yes. Or in other words, you should have an attorney review your documents if you are NOT an at-will employee.

Why? A couple of reasons:

1) Because protected positions are rare these days so it’s something you should take seriously and cherish;

2) There are probably important intellectual property implications w/n your documents;

3) There are likely some disadvantageous provisions w/n your agreements such as a non-compete agreement so it’s crucial to understand your limitations by taking the job; and

4) Employment contracts can be confusing.

Having an employment lawyer review your agreements is a quick and easy way to know you’re not being screwed in your new position; it’s not expensive either. Feel free to visit LawTrades to have an experienced attorney review your stuff at an affordable rate. We offer no obligation price quotes. Good luck w/ the new job!