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What legal steps are necessary in order to start a medical marijuana delivery service?

Generally, you can think of the legal steps that you will need to take as being separated into two categories: licensing and registration.

Licensing here refers to the licenses and various regulations that need to be complied with specifically for a marijuana company. Registration, on the other hand, refers to all of the normal registering and filing that must be done to start any type of company.

Medical marijuana law is a product of local government, so to determine the specific steps needed in the licensing category, you need to look to the local law (i.e. state law, city ordinances, etc.) that apply to the area in which you plan to operate.

The registration category will be much easier. Basically all you need to do is file paperwork in your state to register your company as an entity. There will be information to round up and decisions to make here so it is not simply just writing your name on a piece of paper, but it’s relatively painless.

I hope this gives you a basic idea, but I would suggest that you speak with an attorney before moving forward to help you get a more specific idea about what you need to do to legally start your company. At LawTrades, our attorneys have experience helping to register and start all types of businesses. Visit our website to see how we can help you!