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What legal steps should you take once you have registered a C-Corp in Delaware?

There’s quite a few, which I’ll mention below.

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Next steps after registering as a C-Corp in DE

  1. Create corporate bylaws, which are the formal operating rules for your corporation.
  2. Hold the first meeting of the board of directors (and have written minutes of this meeting).
  3. Prepare and issue stock certificates to shareholders of the corporation to divide ownership interests up.
  4. Have an attorney draft a Founder’s Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement
  5. Register your corporation’s stock with the state of incorporation and federally, with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  6. Complete and file form 83(b) for unvested founder shares.
  7. Get a Federal Employee Tax ID Number (EIN) and open a business bank account, separate from your personal account.
  8. Get an attorney to draft a Confidentiality and Invention Assignment Agreement to protect your company’s patents and trade secrets.
  9. Ask a lawyer about drafting an indemnification agreement.
  10. If you hire an advisor, have an advisor agreement drafted by an attorney.
  11. Consult a patent attorney if you think your company may have something patentable.
  12. If your startup is web-based, get a terms of use and privacy policydrafted.
  13. If you plan on hiring employees, have a salary or equity based offer letter drafted by an attorney.
  14. If you plan on hiring freelancer developers/artists, have an attorney draft a “work for hire agreement.”
  15. Consult a trademark attorney and copyright attorney (if applicable).

Hope this helps get you going. Feel free to reach out or check out https://www.lawtrades.com if you have more questions!