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What makes a good lawyer?

The definition of what makes a lawyer “good” will likely vary from person to person and situation to situation. There’s probably not one clear-cut reason that makes an attorney better than the rest, but there are certainly qualities that you should consider when you search for the right lawyer for your particular needs.

  • Communication—I don’t simply mean that you can get in touch with your attorney at any time (although, that is a nice bonus), but what I really mean is that you should critically evaluate the communication style as well as what’s actually being said. An attorney can throw around legal jargon and provide lip service to make you feel better, but that’s not really effective communication. Instead, you should look for the lawyer who explains terms when you don’t understand them and can get “real” about your case, even if it may not be what you want to hear.
  • Competency—It’s easy to assume that if an attorney passed the bar exam then that means that they are 100% competent in all areas of the law. This just isn’t true. Most attorneys have a few select areas of law that they choose to specialize in because quite frankly, law is a broad field. Focus on locating the attorney that is incredibly knowledge in the specific topic that you are looking for. A terrific immigration attorney may not be the best business attorney (unless, of course, they’ve specialized in both areas!). Make sure the attorney you select is experienced and qualified for your exact needs.
  • Listens—Attorneys deal with hundreds of cases and it’s likely that your case is similar to others they have worked with. However, your attorney doesn’t need to rush through the procedure or fail to explain it to you simply because they have “been there and done that”. Instead, they need to approach your case with as much care as they did their very first case. They should listen to your concerns and explain the process completely. They should understand that legal proceedings have a huge impact on people’s lives and they should handle it seriously and thoroughly.
  • Ethical—When you trust an attorney to help you with legal issues, you should know that they are working with the highest integrity and following proper ethics. Not only is being unethical subject to legal ramifications, it could greatly impact the outcome of your situation.
  • Flexible— An attorney should be willing to work with you accommodate scheduling restrictions, budgets, and sudden changes. A lawyer’s ability to work through some of those points will indicate that they are there for you and willing to simplify the process as much as they can.

Above all else, you want to be sure that your lawyer is working for you. There will be a lot that goes into your ultimate decision, such as reviews, experience, budget, etc., but you want to be sure that the person you choose to work with is willing to put in the effort that you deserve.

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