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How many hours does it usually take for a patent attorney to file a non provisional software application, in a medium advanced case?

Honestly, it is too difficult to approximate the number of hours as each application’s complexity and each inventor’s ability to understand the patent application is unique. However, you can reduce high-rate billable hours by doing research on your own to verify the eligibility of your patent and compiling all necessary documentation and materials to avoid a lawyer from having to do so.

Patent lawyers should provide affordable prices to startups in order to grow their business. It’s important to understand all the fee structures out there. While hourly rates are prevalent, you should also explore alternatives such as fixed, capped, contingent, hybrid and premium based fee arrangements.

On LawTrades, attorneys charge a flat fee between $1,000 and $2,000 for most non-provisional software applications, which includes attorneys’ fees and filing fees. Our service enables our network of lawyers to fulfill any legal request on-demand at up to 60% off normal law firm prices. We essentially do the hard work of curating some of the most talented patent lawyers who are interested in working with startups and then introduce them to folks like yourself. From there, you can compare by price, review, and professional chemistry and hire when you’re ready. Our lawyers have an average of 9 years legal experience and worked with companies like FlipboardIBMGoogle and more. Check out LawTrades so that you can save the time and headache of filing a patent on your own.


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