Do you need a lawyer to prepare a will?

It’s not required by law to hire a lawyer to prepare your will. However, there are certainly advantages to using the expertise of someone who understands the legality of wills to ensure that your wishes are followed properly.

The advantages of hiring a lawyer:

  • An attorney has the eye for detail when it comes to the language in your will. You may be surprised how easy words and phrases can be interpreted differently based on who is reading it. Rather than leaving interpretation to chance, you can have the peace of mind that the language indicates exactly what you want.
  • Binding law will be included in the document. Lawyers understand how to make a will a solid legal document that will be airtight as it is probated.
  • The more complex your estate, the more likely you will need an attorney. It is true that if you have a simple estate you may do fine by not hiring an attorney (although, you will subject yourself to unnecessary risk by doing it yourself), but if you have several assets, heirs, plans for debts, etc. then a lawyer can simplify that process.
  • An attorney will remove the burden from your family. Consider the reality of your family having to interpret the meaning of your will and manage potential vagueness that may occur. An attorney will ensure that details are incredibly clear and make it easier for your family to navigate.

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