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Do I need a trademark lawyer?

Congratulations on the success of your brand! Protecting your intellectual property is an important step as you grow your business. While you can file the applications for protections yourself, the assistance of a skilled intellectual property attorney can vastly improve the changes that your application will be approved on the first try.

There are a number of considerations that go into whether a particular item qualifies for trademark or copyright protection. At a basic level, trademark protects brand identifiers and copyrights protect unique designs. These required different applications that are filed with different bodies, the former with the USPTO and the latter with the US Copyright Office.

An important part of trademark applications is conducting a thorough search to ensure that the proposed mark does not infringe on the marks of others (whether filed or at common law). You also must determine whether you mark would qualify for trademark protection.

An attorney can assist you with conducting this search and analysis in addition to helping prepare the trademark application and putting together the supporting documentation.

If you would like more information about how an intellectual property lawyer can assist you in the process, LawTrades can connect you with one of the vetted attorneys in our network that are experienced with trademark applications for a free 20 minute consultation. You will also receive transparent, fixed-fee pricing should you decide to move forward.


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