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Who needs estate planning?

It’s true that anybody can benefit from estate planning. It has nothing to do with how much wealth you have and everything to do with how you would like your affairs managed once you pass away. Whether you want leave an inheritance or would like to direct how your debts will be paid—all of this can be thoroughly outlined by proper estate planning. Of course, the best way to manage these things will come down to your preferences as well as what is included in your estate (whether it is property, money, homes, etc.)

Of course, the details of your estate will determine the best avenues you should take. This type of decision-making should be accomplished in conjunction with quality advice. LawTrades can help with that. Our legal marketplace can connect you with an attorney to gauge how to manage your affairs and do what is best for your particular situation. We offer transparent flat-fee pricing and start to finish customer support. Hope this helps!