How does one look up patents by company that holds them?

There are a bunch of websites to help you search! I’ll quickly compile the list of sites already suggested by others and add a few that I have used but have not been mentioned:

However, as Brandon noted in a prior post, searching a company name on these sites may not always yield results. Instead, the patent may be held by an investor, board member, or an affiliated company. That being said, I would suggest another option than the various search engines to ensure you don’t miss anything by “doing it yourself.” We at LawTrades provide entrepreneurs and inventors with a free patent search using one of our experienced patent attorneys. After the search, we’ll provide you with a fixed fee price quote should you decide to hire the attorney to file the patent on your behalf. Since we don’t have the overhead of traditional law firms, we’re also about 60% more affordable than normal rates. We’ve helped entrepreneurs secure 100’s of patents, so if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.