One of my friends has a B1/B2 visa until 2025. Can he work in the US if he gets a job, or will he need an H1-B visa to work?

When it comes to visas, arguably THE MOST important thing to remember is the intent of the particular visa you have.

B1/B2 is intended for temporary business or tourist travel.

H1B is intended for working.

Each one of these visas has their own requirements that should be followed or else you could have your visa cancelled and be abruptly returned to your home country.

However, you aren’t alone in being interested in how to transition from a B1/B2 to a H1 Visa. Check out my blog: How can you transfer from a B1/B2 visa to a work visa in the US? Basically, there are some very specific guidelines you must follow in order to get the H1 visa you’re looking for.

A lawyer can help. Check us out. We can connect you with a skilled immigration attorney that can walk you through your options.

Hope this helps!