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What popular product actually began as a copycat brand?

In the US, it is somewhat a rite of passage in parenting to step on at least one LEGO during your stint of raising young children. Kids love these building blocks because it allows them to create, destroy, and do it all again. While most of us have played with these little colorful blocks at some point in our life, many of us have no idea that they are actually a copy-cat product.

LEGO may seem like the go-to for building blocks, but Kiddiecraft made the exact same product 10 years before LEGOS started popping up in every toy aisle. Yes, Kiddiecraft had a patent, but the creator passed away before he realized that LEGO was replicating the same design. However, is true that LEGO eventually altered the look of the plastic bricks for better interlocking design. Today, LEGO is very diligent to stay abreast of any infringements to their brand. Gee, I wonder why?

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