Is it possible to use as a non US-resident for a startup?

Sam’s post above outlines the rules and steps required for a non-resident to use Kickstarter. If these requirements are not possible I would consider alternative methods of crowdfunding either in your home country or one available globally that has less stringent residency requirements.

The following link provides a comprehensive list of crowdfunding sites. It would certainly benefit you to research these sites in order to look at their policies with regard to the location of campaigns and any exceptions to residency requirements.…

The following is a list of some of the more widely known platforms that do not contain location restrictions on funding campaigns (however this is not an exhaustive list).

Indiegogo for example is available to fund raisers worldwide.

Appbackr is a popular crowdfunding for applications development.

Seedinvest is an alternative crowdfunding site available globally.

CrowdCube is a U.K. crowdfunding website backed by Balderton Capital.

If you are unable to find a fit, perhaps consider moving beyond the crowdfunding option, there are many resources such as Angel List that are not crowdfunding, but are generally accessible and offer a more simplified way to raise funds that do not involve sorting out how to provide an equity stake or benefit for a wide range of funders

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