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I am in the process of releasing an Android app. Afterwards, an iOS version will be developed. Is it possible to patent/protect the app to avoid the risk of being copied while the iOS version is being coded?

It is true that there can be variations of your idea on the market. You can’t patent something unless it is absolutely unique and has not answered a similar question already or if you have provided an incredibly unique design element.Generally, there are numerous Apps available for an incredibly similar product or service. If you are concerned about your code, as others have indicated you can certainly look into copyright options for that.

If you feel incredibly strongly that your App is a brand new concept that has never been offered before, you should certainly reach out to a patent attorney. They can conduct extensive research to see if your App is indeed unique enough to qualify for a patent. You can also seek advice about copyright options for your code.

LawTrades can help you find a solid patent attorney to assist you. They can help you through the patent process if you qualify or at the very least offer counsel about what you should do next. Feel free to click the link to our website to get in touch or to learn more about what we offer.