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Is Reed Smith a good law firm choice for a startup?

Meh if you want to pay top dollar. There are plenty of law firms that are “good” for startups, but a Big law firm is not what comes to mind first. There’s no doubt that any legal project would be performed competently by a Reed Smith lawyer, but is a firm of that caliber necessary? Probably not unless you’re about to do an M&A or something.

The thing about startups is that they are a unique client. Aside from the startups that have money from the very start, or have major appeal to angels & VCs at the onset, it would be fiscally irresponsible for a startup to pay Big law prices. A great alternative is LawTrades. We help startups of all sizes, from bootstrapped companies that initially didn’t believe they could hire an attorney to later-staged companies that just completed Series C funding. Although our pricing is a fraction of what Big law charges, the ease of our process is what attracts and returns companies. We’re trying to transform legal for startups and hope that you check us out!