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For a small startup, Whats the best way of finding reasonably priced lawyer for customer contract reviews?

I would recommend seeking legal counsel before using a template website like LegalZoom. An attorney will provide you with the most accurate determination of whether you need an attorney or not. To do just that, feel free to check LawTrades–an on-demand service that let’s you connect with vetted business attorneys for free.

There are plenty of highly-qualified and fully-capable lawyers in the CA area that are affordable for startups. Many clients will mistakenly hire big-firm attorneys thinking that high legal costs equals the best representation. In reality, this can sometimes hurt startups, because such lawyers have a large case-load and charge excessive fees. So my advice it to be diligent in your research and not to jump at the biggest names on the list.

Finding a lawyer for the best price that provides the highest quality legal services can be a difficult and tedious task. There are limited avenues for clients to locate attorneys, and many times they are left in the dark about what it will ultimately cost. To remedy this issue, we started LawTrades. We have an unbelievable list of attorneys that have an average of 10+ years experience helping startups.