What is the standard set of legal documents that a startup will get from a startup lawyer for 5-15k?

Every startup will have its own unique legal needs, however through the years I can identify a core set of legal documents a startup should receive from a startup lawyer so as to establish what I refer to as its basic legal infrastructure. This basic legal infrastructure would be sufficient to take the business from concept to launch. Of course the recommended documents listed below represent a generic iteration of a business venture and does not consider highly complex startups which may require additional legal documents. However the following list can be used as a foundation to build out from:

  1. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  2. Assignment of Intellectual Property
  3. Bylaws and Other Documents Related to Business Structuring and Operations
  4. Employee Contracts or Offer Letters
  5. Liability Release Forms
  6. Operating Agreements
  7. Stock Option Plans and Purchase Agreements

Further, it is also important to keep in mind that the amount of legal services one will receive for $5-$15k will vary in some markets a startup will receive less as fees for services may be higher in other markets startups may receive more services.

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