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How could I start a company without any money?

Starting a service-oriented business is probably your best bet. That way, you are simply providing a service and getting paid so your initial input can be $0 (assuming that you already have the proper tools or equipment to achieve the service). Of course, if you literally have no money at all, then you’ll have to use free resources like Craigslist or word-of-mouth to get some sot of marketing strategy going. Once you’ve been able to earn a few bucks, you can use some of those funds to build your business by doing things like taking out paid ads or even creating a website. It won’t be easy, but it’s not impossible. Once you’ve been able to establish yourself a bit, you could also look into investors that could throw some money your way given that you have a solid business concept.

At some point in business development, you’ll want to flesh out the legalities. Once you’re ready, check out our website at LawTrades. We’ve helped many entrepreneurs just like you get their businesses up and running. We offer affordable rates and flexible payment plans. Let us know if we can help!