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How do I start a marijuana business in Seattle?

While there is quite a bit that goes into this type of business, you want to deal with first things first. You definitely have to start by getting a licence. There are three categories that licenses fall under:

  • Producer
  • Processor
  • Retailer

You can’t own all three license, but you can be a producer/processor. However, you cannot hold a producer/processor and a retailer license. There’s only a set amount of retailer licenses available so you’ll want to check to see if the quota has been met for that.

Once you obtain the licenses, you’ve only accomplished a very small portion of process. You still need to create all the necessary contracts and agreements as any other business such as operations agreement, partnership agreement, or any other contract that helps keep the fluidity of business alive and well.

LawTrades can help by connecting you with a knowledgeable cannabis attorney. You want to be sure that you follow the proper guidelines and set up your business for its best shot at success. Check out our website to learn more about our affordable services.


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