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Startup Law: What is the most important thing a legal advisor can do for a tech start up?

In a nutshell, insulate a startup from liability, in a personalized, cost-effective manner. For the quickest, easiest way to find a highly experienced legal adviser, all without leaving your seat, check out my company LawTrades, which gives you access to pre-vetted attorneys in areas such as company formation, patent / trademark / copyright law / employment law / startup financing law right away.

Long answer- to protect a startup’s interests in the following areas:

  1. Business entity choice (LLC, C-Corp, which state to incorporate in)
  2. Corporate financing law- vesting schedules, 83(b) elections, splitting stock/equity
  3. Protecting company’s copyright, trademark, patents
  4. Hiring employees and the agreements involved (especially with Intellectual Property Assignment)
  5. Drafting terms of use and privacy policy
  6. Federal employment law compliance
  7. Negotiating terms with investors, drafting complex financing agreements

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