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Why are startups (and other small companies) so scared of hiring lawyers?

Foremost, startups typically fear hiring attorneys because of the cost. Start-ups are usually working with limited capital and are making every effort to save money. So it is quite understandable for startups to be apprehensive about taking the leap to hire a lawyer. Startups are constantly under pressure to succeed without losing money, and this makes it essential to find a lawyer that will be beneficial to your startup and worth whatever price you have to pay for their services. See more: Why Should a Startup Hire a Business Lawyer

Also, most startups are concerned about the quality of services they will receive from the lawyer they hire. It is extremely difficult to get a full understanding of a lawyer’s reputation, track record, experience and expertise before hiring someone. Startups always involve some novel idea or service that must be protected and properly guided in order to be successful. A lawyers role in this process is very involved, and it is easy to see why a startup would be nervous about spending money on legal services they are uncertain about.

This is why we started LawTrades. Our web platform gives startups the ability to contact any lawyer of their choice 24/7, and eliminates the time consuming process of speaking with secretaries on the phone and never receiving a call back. Each attorney on our marketplace has been pre-screened to ensure the highest quality lawyers are being offered to our users.

Despite the apprehension startups may have about hiring a lawyer, it is almost always in their best interest to do so. Having a lawyer on board as a startup expands can eliminate a great deal of complications and future problems that could end up costing the company significantly. With the tools available to startups in this day and age, it is very easy to avoid the situations that are startups’ biggest fears.