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The O Visa: Any Tips or Tricks to Receive this Visa?

The O visa is interesting because, unlike many other visa types, there is no cap on the number of such visas that can be awarded by the US in any given year. However, the no cap really exists because so few people really meet the qualifications necessary to receive an O visa. That is not to say you should not consider this visa if you do meet the qualifications. This visa has a relatively short processing time. That’s why it’s ideal if you’ve recently been asked to work in the US on a team or another O visa related occupation.


O work visas are available to non-US citizens that are doing extraordinary work in the sciences, arts, athletics, education, or business. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) takes the term extraordinary extremely seriously. In general, the applicant must have received national or international acclaim in a particular field. This can come in the form of international awards, medals, etc.


This visa can be a challenge. It does take extraordinary abilities and a US job offer to meet the basic requirements of the O visa. Even with set requirements, there are ways to help your application. It doesn’t mean there is nothing else that you can do. An applicant can work with a skilled immigration attorney. Your application must be completed with care. The attorney will check all of the boxes and properly outline your achievements.


Here is another article from the LawTrades blog that has additional information about this visa: Complete O-1 Visas: Step by Step Guide. If you’d like assistance being matched with a skilled immigration attorney, feel free to reach out to LawTrades. We can match you up with the right attorney to help with your immigration needs.