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Are top shelf lawyers good for investor introductions?

Major law firms in the Valley Area are well-equipped to help you meet with investors, and provide a number of tangible benefits for you as a client. As far as your expectations go regarding the process and means of investor introductions, every firm/lawyer will have their own method and practice that has helped them in the past with similar situations. So, regardless of what procedure you can expect, if you are using a law firm with extensive experience in this field, then you can be fairly confident in their practice helping secure investors.

Aside from this, there a number of other advantages to having a top-shelf lawyer assist you in securing financing. Here are a few to consider:

1. Experience: If you have a lawyer that has helped startups in the Silicon Valley in the past, you inherently gain invaluable insight and knowledge from your attorney. An experienced lawyer will understand how to approach investors, what they want to hear, and be able to efficiently advise you throughout the process. Moreover, an experienced lawyer will also be familiar with potential alternative avenues for investors, and will have the prior knowledge to meaningfully assess the offers you may receive. These additions to your negotiating power can make a huge difference.

2. Reputation: Successful and big-name attorneys/law firms also let investors know that you are well-advised and have taken appropriate steps to ensure the success of your startup. Investors want assurance that your company is something that will succeed and grow, and ultimately be worth their capital contributions. Attorneys with track records that reflect successful startups in their past representation, convey a certain message to investors that your company is on the right path.

3. Negotiating Assistance: When discussing potential financing, you want to make sure that whatever offers you are either pitching or accepting are going to be in the best interest of your startup. Although you may be personally experienced with investor introductions, a top-shelf lawyer may see things you otherwise didn’t, and help you avoid circumstances that would be adverse to your aspirations for your company. Furthermore, a good lawyer will help advise you as to what your best offer can be, and whether or not an investor is worth your time.

4. Consolidation: Working with your lawyer in the introduction process will also help your startup develop an in-house network with one unified vision. A top-shelf lawyer will be able to give you great advice about the business aspects of your startup as well as the legal matters. So it is important that you have a team effort focused on the ultimate goal of success. Including your lawyer in the introduction process will keep them informed and up to date with the status and progress of your company.

Although you already have a lawyer, you may want to consider searching other attorneys in the area to compare prices and services. This will allow you to have a better understanding of what lawyer you are using, and how they are going to represent you.

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Overall, the most important thing when meeting investors is that they leave the introduction liking you and believing in your company. You are obviously the most important piece to this process. Being personable and likeable goes a long way in these situations, and focusing on developing a good relationship with investors throughout the introduction will best serve your needs.

Good luck with your company! I hope this answer sheds a little light on your question. Please do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything I can help you with personally.