How long is a trademark good for?

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In the US, a trademark can last indefinitely (which is different than the case of patents or copyrights). However, the catch is that the trademark must continue to be used to identify goods and services. Keep in mind, there is a federal term for trademarks which is ten years. You can continue to renew for ten year periods.

However, there’s a bit of a catch here. You must file an affidavit between the fifth and sixth year following trademark registration. This affidavit simply states that the trademark is still in use. Failure to file this document will lead to a cancellation. It’s up to the individual to remember to do this as there will be no reminders issued.

For some additional information about trademarks, take a look at: Trademark Symbol: What Is It?

Your best bet is to have an attorney help you with this process. It can be timely and expensive to miss important deadlines.

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