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Trademarks: What are the legal implications of using a customer company’s logo in your marketing materials without its express consent?

You could potentially open yourself up to infringement issues. I’m assuming you want to use the logo to indicate that you’ve served a really popular company. Good for you! It’s always exciting to work with established people.

However, infringement is not a fun way to end a relationship with a customer. Instead, you could keep the relationship alive and well with the customer and still get their logo on your website.

How could you achieve such greatness?

Just ask the customer if you can use their logo. Really. It’s that easy. If you ask the customer if it’s okay to put their logo on your marketing materials it’s actually something a lot of businesses are happy to do.

However, if you change it and just use their logo it could not only turn that relationship sour, but it could put you in the middle of litigation.

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