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What are the “typical” steps, in order, that I need to do to get Safe Harbor protection under DMCA?

It depends on which safe harbor you fall under. The four safe harbors provided by Congress are:

(a) Transitory digital network communications

(b) System caching

(c) Information residing on systems or networks at the direction of users

(d) Information location tools

The requirements for each are in a federal statute – 17 U.S.C. 512. These safe harbors represent operations on the Internet that Congress wanted to protect and promote, rather than punish for infringement. Each has a set of particular conditions, all of which must be met to enjoy the protection of that safe harbor. Each safe harbor addresses a different aspect of copyright liability, and satisfying the conditions of any one is sufficient to receive protection for the acts included in that safe harbor, even if the same act would not meet the requirements of the other three safe harbors.

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