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What websites help create a contract agreement for hiring freelance web designers or developers?

If you do a quick search online for “legal contract help” or something similar you will quickly find yourself bombarded by search results that can leave you a little overwhelmed. Therefore, let me save you the trouble of searching as the best way to create an agreement is with a “real” lawyer. However, not all lawyers are equal in terms of skill so it is important that you choose a lawyer who is highly experienced and cost-effective. At LawTrades, we can connect you with an experienced attorney who can provide you with fast, affordable, and on-demand contract creation when dealing when developers and freelancers.

Not only can a lawyer create your contract agreement, but he or she can answer any questions or concerns that you may have which is something a website cannot provide. Many of these sites use standard documents which are good in most cases as a starting point. Unfortunately, no two businesses are alike and you want a contract that is specific to your business. Your industry and business model may be the same as the one in the template, but your methodology and procedures will be different.

To illustrate the importance of hiring a lawyer, imagine going through all of the trouble and the hassle of creating an agreement from a website like LegalZoom. Upon completion, you issue the final payment and receive your code/website and business is booming. Unfortunately, after all of your hard work you discover that you left out some very important clauses in which you find out you do not retain ownership of the site or code but instead it still belongs to the contractor. The end result will be a long and drawn out battle that is sure to leave you with headaches.

I understand that you want to reduce expenses as much as possible especially when your business is in the startup phase. However, turning to your legal affairs for cost saving measures is not a wise thing to do. There are several other areas in which you can reduce your costs and I would advise against meddling with the “legal” category. Being in business is all about seeing ahead and envisioning long-term goals and market fluctuations, so hiring a lawyer for your legal needs is a good way to practice this as you are literally investing money for the well-being of your business in the future.